Twin Star Exorcists – Married with Demons

The world is constantly under threat from creatures most people don’t even know exist… these creatures, known as Kegare, perpetually try to break into the ‘real world’ from where they reside in Magano. Only exorcists, humans blessed with extraordinary powers that allow them to not only enhance their physical abilities but also enter Magano itself, can fight them to try to save humanity. The war between humanity and Kegare has been ongoing for ages, with no signs of ceasing. The exorcists believe that the war will be won by the legendary Twin Star Exorcists.

The Twin Stars are two powerful married exorcists, and whose devotion to one another spurs them to greater heights and whose love will produce the most powerful exorcist the world has ever seen – the Miko. To that goal, the leader of the exorcists finds the two most powerful young exorcists he knows, forces them to marry, and grants them the title. Good plan, right?

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The Shadow’s Sixty Countdown – Rank 18 to 13

We’re in our final third, about to break into the final quarter… and getting real close to that final top 10!

Looking back at the list, we’ve got a pretty good snippet of the best gaming has to offer, don’t we? We’ve covered JRPGs such as Child of Light, Final Fantasy 9, Chrono Cross, and Legend of Dragoon… amazing platformers from Megaman to Sound Shapes… shooters like Uncharted, action games like God of War… even fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 2.

Mass Effect

We’ve covered consoles from all eras, PC games both old and new. We’ve hit on some of gaming’s most recognizable figures, and obscure indy titles that you might not have even heard of before this list. But we’re not done yet. We still have games of many different genres ahead of us. To start this list off… we have what is, in my eyes, the best Western episodic game of all time.

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The Blade’s Edge – Quick August Update

Hello folks.

So by now some of you have probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of updating happening to this website, either in terms of posts or pictures… and even a few cancelled streams. Today I wanted to take some time during my lunch at work to share a little bit of insight into why the updates have slowed… and offer some idea of what is to come, although it will be a vague idea at best.

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Anne-Happy – Happy Accident!

Tennomifune Academy, an elite and exclusive school that (mostly) only accepts the best athletes and the most adept academics. Our cast are characters who are not particularly exceptional at either, so they’re all a little surprised to be accepted into its esteemed ranks. Upon arriving at school, they’re placed in class 7 and advised that classes 1-3 will focus on scholastics, while 4-6 focus predominately on athletic accomplishment.

So what does class 7 focus on? Happiness.


You see, all of the members of class 7 have some form of notable misfortune, and Tennomifune Academy’s class 7 focuses on helping them overcome that so they can attain happiness. Anne-Happy follows 5 characters in Tennomifune’s ‘Happiness Class’ as they seek to come to terms with their misfortune.

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Big Order – Would You Like World Domination With That?

What if peoples’ wishes started coming true? A loaded question. People often say that wishes can come true… but what if it was really the case – and not just for one person, but for a great many? What would happen when those wishes were in conflict, what would happen if someone’s wish was too much for them to handle?

That’s where Big Order picks up. The world has just undergone a calamitous disaster as an innocent child’s wish to dominate the world to make sure their family stays together goes wrong… millions are dead, cities have been destroyed, and the world is struggling to recover from this. Nobody’s quite sure how it came to pass, save that an ‘Order’, a person who has been granted a power based off of their deepest wish, is behind it and is still alive, as far as anyone can tell.


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